In the car service centre we render the following services:

  • Check and repair of the chassis, suspension mounting;
  • Repair and replacement of engines;
  • Repair, inspection and replacement of turbines;
  • Replacement of timing and other belts, tensioners;
  • Replacement of heating and ignition spark plugs;
  • Selection and replacement of engine oil;
  • Selection and replacement of air, cabin, fuel and oil filters;
  • Repair and inspection of the braking system;
  • Repair and replacement of gearboxes, clutch;
  • Computer-based wheel geometry;
  • Tires fitting, balancing and repair;
  • Inspection and replacement of shock absorbers, springs;
  • Inspection, recharging and repair of air conditioners;
  • Repair and welding of the exhaust system;
  • Repair of the cooling system;
  • Computer-based diagnostics;
  • Repair of the electrical systems;
  • Diagnostics, repair and replacement of starters and generators;
  • Adjustment of headlights, replacement of light bulbs;
  • Selection and replacement of windshield wiper blades;
  • Evaluation of the technical condition of the car before the technical inspection;
  • Preparation for technical inspection;
  • Cleaning services.